Tuesday, February 2, 2016

How to configure java in streamserve control center

In some senarios we want to call external jar files via streamserve direclty . By doing that we can extending the functionally . There is a  nice article about calling java programs throguh streamserve in streamshare by Stefan Cohen. please read it . it explains in details the process of calling the jar file .
So for that as a prerequisite we need to configure java in control center . Even though control center admin guide has been explained the process, i thought its worth the explain here again with pictures.
First install the java.
Right click on the application what ever you want to configure java.
Then change vender to the Oracle .Thats all for the control center .
Then we need to set STRS_JVM and STRS_JAVA_HOME variables in .environment file so for that navigate to the streamserver installation folder .
In my case its like below
C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenText\StreamServe\Applications\StreamServer\5.6.1\Server\bin and open .environment file under admin mode. Other wise it will not allow to save.
Set STRS_JVM  and  STRS_JAVA_HOME accroding to the your java installtion .
We are done now . then resrat the service. if there are no issues service will be started .other wise errors will be deplayed on strs_boot.log file .

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