Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Enable log in streamserve(dsrv.log)

In some senarios control center application log file (dsrv.log) missing . dsrv.log is very important to the mom developer as it contains the all the project related errors, warning and information .without that very hard to do the developments .
In order to display dsrv log we should activate logging  in the relevent platform file .
Go the relevent platform in the design center .
right click on the platform and go to the configure platform option.
Here after below dialog will be displayed . under log tab check the enable logging check box and there are fiew other options whci you can configure .
You can define the name for log file and specifiy the log level as well.
If these setting are ok drsv log should be diplayed on your control center .
Apart from above fact there may be few another cases where dsrv log not displayed in the control center . please refer the below url for that .(from steamshare forum)

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