Tuesday, July 12, 2016

MEC : Use External jar files in old MEC mapper

Even though this is very straight forward I thought its worth to share with all because it can save time when it need to used external Jar files inside the  old MEC mapper. In new MEC mapper we can do this easily but old MEC mapper we can’t do it directly (Old mapper is Windows based version and if you interested about old MEC mapper my colleague has written overview about it http://warnajith.blogspot.com/2016/06/development-with-mec-older-version.html.). In this case we need to copy external jar files to MEC server manually.

There two places to copy Jar files in MEC server. If there are multiple MEC environments, jar files needs to be copied each environment as well.

· ~\MecMapGen\lib folder

· ~\MECServer\lib folder

MecMapGen and MECServer folders are located inside MEC installation folder.

Please remember to restart the MEC environment after copying the file. Otherwise changes will not be reflected.

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